Featured in the
Summer 2014 Edition:

  • Wharton County Freedom Fest
  • Meet Your Neighbor
  • El Campo's West Loop Park
  • Around the County
  • Summer Crafts for Kids
  • Kids' Korner
  • El Campo Museum of Natural History
  • Juneteenth Festival
  • Kolache/Klobase Festival
  • Time to Shine! Plaza Theatre
  • Calendar of Events

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The Pulse of Wharton County.


The Pulse of Wharton County

Wharton County residents take their community events seriously whether it’s an evening fundraiser dinner or a weekend festival benefiting a church, charity or good works organization.

The Pulse of Wharton County is a magazine designed to help residents track events and plan ahead. The pulse of Wharton County events maintains a steady rhythm throughout the year. There’s rarely a weekend when there isn’t something special to do.

Wharton County Freedom Fest
May 17, 2014
Downtown Wharton

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